Brake Repair at BJ’s

Your vehicle’s brake system might just be the most important component on your vehicle, but when was the last time you thought about it? Most people don’t think about brake repair until their brakes start squeaking, but that might not be soon enough. Squeaking or squealing brake pads are sometimes a symptom of a serious brake problem that requires immediate attention.

Other times, squeaking or squealing brakes could be nothing more than a little dirt or dust on your rotors and pads.

Because brakes degrade slowly, and because brake noises can sometimes indicate a major problem, it’s best to have your vehcile’s brake system checked regularly. At BJ’s, we’ve been offering brake service and repair in Phoenix since 1996. With our commitment to every day low pricing – which is often 40% less than the dealer – we can repair your vehicle brakes without breaking the budget (pardon the pun).

Brake Repair and Brake Services at BJ’s

– Brake pad inspection

– Brake pad or brake shoe replacement (we only use OEM quality replacement brake pads and brake shoes)

– Brake rotor re-surfacing or replacement

– Parking brake service and adjustment

– Brake fluid system flush

– Brake system overhaul, caliper replacement, and more (as needed)

BJ’s Brake Repair Promises

  1. We’ll never recommend services you don’t need, and we’ll never try and “scare” you into buying brake pads
  2. We always use OEM quality parts for any brake service or repair
  3. We’ll always work quickly and carefully – your vehicle safety is our priority

Since 1996, BJ’s have been offering brake repair and general automotive repair services in the greater Phoenix area. As a family-owned and operated company, we understand the importance of each and every customer and your satisfaction is important to us.

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